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Hoewel ik probeer wat gewicht te verliezen vanwege mijn hardloopambities, kon ik het niet laten deze twee te laten liggen. Pas toen ik ze gekocht had, ontdekte ik dat de y in het Nederlands nog minder vaak voorkomt dan de x (1 op 3000 voor de y tegenover 1 op 2500 voor de x), maar of dat ook geldt voor voornamen, weet ik niet…


Although the Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas has some very condemnable traits – which are fortunately slowly changing by the way -, I like the tradition of the chocoladeletter: letter-shaped pieces of chocolate that Sinterklaas brings: usually, you’ll get the first letter of your first name.

This year, “slave free” chocolate producer Tony Chocolonely also manufactures chocolate letters. As you can see, I managed to get my hands on two of the least used letters in Dutch. It appears that the letter y is even less popular in our language than the x, but I don’t know if this is the case for first names too…


Sebbene la tradizione de Sinterklaas abbia qualità riprovevoli – che stanno migliorando, per fortuna -, mi amo il chocoladeletter: pezzi di cioccolato formata come una lettera. Sinterklaas prende le lettere, spesso la prima lettera dal tuo nome.

Quest’anno, ho comprato le x e le q, lettere rari in olandese. Spesso, fabbricante de chocoloadeletters non creare queste lettere.